Yacht awning has a special place in yacht furnishing and decoration with its model range and the beauty it adds to the exterior aesthetics of yacht or boat, and with its difficulties which require mastery with experience from the angle of measurement and production. In the awning application, firstly boat or yacht scouting measurement and evaluation is made in an absolute manner and as the result, most suitable model and glass form is designed for the boat or yacht on which the process will be applied . Material choice is determined after our suggestions about imported or domestic materials and color options, and the evaluations made together with the customer.

For the awnings, the material which is choosen generally is waterproof and durable Awning Sunbrella, Stamoid and Polyester; as accessory, snap fastener or tenax is used, based on the choices. Our awning varieties are Winter Closure Awning, Retractable Awning and Splash Retractable Awning. Chrome and Awning applications which are pictured in Chrome applications section in detail, take place in the projects as an inseperable whole. Also, according to the suitability of some projects depending on the choice, your yacht, boat or sailboat can be given a distinguishing aesthetics with the curtain application and fayfir usage.

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